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8月10日 【動画追記あり】スタジオジブリの意思表示【その②】(Studio Ghibli demonstration on June. 11, 2011)、
【Petition】Please help our Children in Fukushima, Japan

This is the Qs and As in the budgetary committee of House of Representatives on March 22, 2011, after 3.11 earthquake.
I recently know this, and am so surprised and disappointed to our government.
I still can’t believe this story.

Some children had volunteered to recover dead body….

I've been away Japan after 3.11, but always think of it, even now.
I know the people in the area devastated by Tsunami and earthquake should be all getting shocked and felt discouraged, even adult.
What could I do with this ?

How careless  to ask children in devastated area to recover dead bodies (Japanese)

【My translation】
*sorry for may poor translation...

(Ms. Emiko Takagai, House of Representatives member, LDP)
At this moment, regarding to the follow-up of the after the fact, I see it as our responsibility to be prepared from the stage of collecting information to next step.

Regarding to mental health care you've just answered, I've heard a frightening story about it.
The situation in the devastated area is still quite severe. Their child's body is still being hung down by the tree, and other dead bodies of their family are still remain under the water, but there is nothing they can do, but getting their eye's on them.
In this circumstances, 2 days ago, a boy (or a girl) in the awkward age had an examination by the doctor due to boke and headache. As examining, it found that he had volunteered to recovery of this disaster. The doctor asked him what volunteer he had done, he said,
"Recovering dead bodies..."
When young children had a strong will to volunteer, and you will ask for their cooperation, I think it is so important to have a consideration to what volunteer to ask.
It was the very same situation of Fukuchiyama derailment accident.
The person who have conducted rescue activities have been distressed by flashback after those experiences.
We need to face it and work through these situations.
How do you think of this? 

(Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Mr. Hosokawa)
I think it is serious issue to deal with mental care of disaster victims. At this time, it will be more strongly required their back-up and support in the medium and long term.
With the requirement by the devastated area, We, Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry gained a cooperation of the prefectures, sent "Mental Care Team" which is consisted of psychiatrists and nurses.
At this moment, these teams are mostly supported by medical profession, but from now, it would be supported by civilian organization or NPO, and we will increase those teams for the people in the devastated area.

(Ms. Emiko Takagai, House of Representatives member, LDP)
Thank you.
I do not have enough time to ask you more. This would be my last favor.
The Damage of this disaster is nation-wide level, I think. We have to overcome it. We can't quite in the middle of it. It is strongly required to concentrate all knowledge, and spark up many people. To carry it through, I encourage you to take action and share information with us.