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Please help us with your signature. Deadline is JULY 31, 2011.

Would you please read and confirm following contents, and if you agree with it, please sign it and spread this to your friends.

This is the campaign to collect your signatures to help our children in Fukushima, Japan, and the petition will be submitted to our prime minister Naoto Kan, Governor of Fukushima, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Our Requirements are as follows;

1. Especially in the are where the level of radiation doses is so high, we require to make further evacuation of the people and children or bring forward their summer vacation. Above all, we strongly require to have children and pregnant women evacuated.

2. We request to inspect the INTERNAL exposure of people in Fukushima including Children by Whole Body Counters.

3. Professor Shunichi Yamashita, who looks down on the risk of low dose exposure and who is still radiation risk advisor  in Fukushima and also is the member of  committee of research and examination of Health control in Fukushima, should be discharged.

4. We request to keep the limitation to exposure of 1 mSv designated by the law. This limitation should take into account the internal exposure from the date when the date Nuclear accident happeded. Thus, the high limitation value of 20 mSv/year ( = 3.8 μSv/hour) should be discarded. Regarding to Temporary standard of Food,  it should be revised to the value consistent to keep the exposure less than 1 mSv/year.

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7. If you have any message to Japanese Government, in 200 letters.
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We need your help to move our Government.
Thank you for your cooperation .

Sincerely yours,

P.S. He is the first artist who sang anti-nukes song after 3.11, Kazuyoshi Saito.