(Busby) Yes, What you have here is disaster beyond imagining. I try this should destroy it from the beginning from all stay one quite clear that this was out of control. And nobody knows what to do about it.  There is just no obvious answer to this. What I think about it is that it's ultimate recurrent should be probably the greatest task in whole human history. And now I'm laughing to answer ____. But something has to be done with great speed, and it seems to me, this is not Japanese issue, this is GLOBAL issue. And people responsible are Not the Japanese people or the Japanese Gov. , though the International Nuclear Industry. And it seems to me some decision has to be made with the highest level in the United Nation. And this would be the international atomic and agency to pose much money and power and energy into this situation to do something drastic as quickly as possoble. And there are number of possible drastic solusions, but they have to be implemented soon, because every moment this ______ continues, there is no reason _____, I should continue forever. Every moment increases the number of dead people, that is going to ensue, because what we have here is the situation where everything appears to be normal. I drove to Aiduwakamatsu and trees are still trees, and people are shopping, and birds are singing and dogs are walking in the streets. And that's because we can't see what's happening. It's all invisible. If you bring out the machine, you can see the everything is sparkling. And everybody is being beaten by the invisible snakes that should be killed...

(Busby) As far as Idine 131 is concerened, there are, we know from Chernobyl, they are very good measures that can be taken, because it is substances with very short half-life, all have to do is isolate the subustances, isolate the food for enough time for the subs to be care away before you sell it.
As far as long-life radioactives, I think people in the area around in the 100km, 200km area, can' t have to be supplied but fresh food from outside of the region which is being certain part free from radinuclide.
(Busby) I should also add with the 2000Bq/kg is enourmously high. That is too high. It should be actually, maybe 10 or 0 Bq/kg. This would be ethically correct, and also possible to ensure.
(Bloomburg)______________ , not even talking about the ____situation you refer to, but you told about Chiba, detecting radiation in Chiba, you just mentioned _________ people should be ____ from the outside, so how many should be moved children or otherwise and half and half faraway?
(Busby) This is question of pragmatic, this is what should we do. And there is anounce to that. In my opinion, what can be done, first of all, is they should be exclusion on, and this should Not like a circular exclusions on. It should be defined by flying over the area with helicopter on a gamma detecting camera, all of this technologies, old-fasion. It's easy to get hold of, and you can define the concentration of cesium isotoption and gamma radiation levels on the ground. And those areas should be evacuated, and people should be kept isotope, they should be out for explosion on, and it should be police, so people shouldn't be allowed in there.
And for areas which have marginally contaminated and people will obviously have to stay there because this is gonna be such a enormous problem, then they should be food broughten from the outside, and people should be compensated, in my opinion, for what has been done, because it is the negretion, it is taught, is leagally they have to police be in, assulted by substances which have a biologic probable will killing them.
(通訳)ICRP now are using measurement based on so many SV, but I think at that time, Chernobyl they were basing on the measurements on Bq/km2, The reason why this is changed? What does it mean?
(Busby) Bq back to the first use of these dose rate, μSV/h. The contaimination was reported both unitsin μSv and Mega Bq/m2. And in fact, there is conversion between the two, cesium and the contamination from cesium, and the conversion is this, 1μSV/h = 300kBq/m2. It is very important conversion. And this is very rarely to use, but it is very important, so you can convert μSV/h into Bq/m2.
What that mean is if you caught 1.5 μSV/h, it means you caught about 500kBq/m2, it's the definition under the United Nation of radioactively contaminated land. And that is the definition of the border of the Chernobyl's exclusion land.
(Busby) The real reason is if you use μSV/h, then you wil somehow comparing it would not to the background external radiation was realty is μSV represent some contamination on the ground, which is quite different type of exposion.
(Busby) And of course, Tondel study in Northern Sweden showed in 11% increasing cancer for every 100 kBq/m2.
(Busby) WBC is extremely pretty useless for this sort of thing. Because what it does is any looks at gamma matters, and actually gamma matters are not the misterious hazard here. The beta and alpha particle is the serious hazard. The problem is they don't travel all, they don't always travel together. We found this after Chernobyl. However having set the they will be able to get some sort of idea, I think. If they were able to measure all of the differento isotops together in differento places, so they could build up models, I don't know if they were gained to that. But just on the basis of the WBC to get in.
(Busby) And also the other thing I see is that the use of this WB monitor is intended to real show rather than real science. What they will do, this is a part of COVER-UP basis, in my opinion. They will say that the cause of the WB measurement says radiation is low, and that for any result happens due to radiation. Introducing this maybe something that we need to be worried about WBC is not the answer.
(Busby) There is no question for radiation from Fukushima comes to Tokyo. Because we've measured it. And since the population of the Tokyo is very large, they were certainly be in incleasing their health in Tokyo and verious kinds. And I think it will become clear that the people who is in the next 10 years, there has been a problem. My believe is that the Government told people_______, should pressure on a Government to ensure that there is a organization that measures radioactivity in all of the food stuffs and all of the environmental substances in the area. And this data should be available to everybody on the internet or in publications come out all the time. And people ultimate and choice of what they feel is dangerous or not.
(Busby) In the UK, for example, neary every kind of food is measured for radioactivity every year, the levels of radioactivity neary every kind of food and environmental medium is measured and published.
(Busby) No, I mean, in the UK, all of the substances are measured since 1962. Yeah.
(Busby) There is a risk model believes tritium is Extremely serious hazard, which is totally underestimated by the ICRP risk model. Tritium is ________ the development for defect in the animal in many many studies, in the development of defeasance and since the tritium has the ability to damage the DNA very efficiently, but the trouble is because it has very low beaten measure, there is no regime to be very powerful in terms of overall dose. So the dose supposes particularly wrong for tritium. And tritium is just not measured but the amounts of tritium coming out from Fukushima will be absolutely coalesced because of marge of water those being pumped in there.
(Busby) It is true that tritium very curious property, unable to concentrate for instances for the tritium fork and then would be inhaled, because it is just like water as ______ in and out of the bodies in ________.



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