I can't thank you enough for Lori, Kathie, Kate, Rob and Pat.
I've been working there as a volunteer for 8 months. It seems to be not so long period, but it means so huge for me.

When I moved to Santa Clara last July, I had nothing here.
I just spent time to shop, cook, and sleep...  I was there just for my husband.

But after finding you, my life here has been changed so much. I always think that a human being needs to be thanked by someone in real life so that he can realize he is needed by someone.  As I mentioned above, I was there just for my husband. Some people would say that "you are happy enough", but I couldn't feel that way.

I really needed to be thanked by someone.

Thank you for your kind welcoming,  I could join there with delight but no pressure. I was very happy to be there and working with you.

I guess I don't have enough time to go lunch with you anymore, so it is good for me not to send e-mail anymore, it's hard to say good-by, but I won't forget you...

Thank you again, guys.

Sincerely Yours,